Impact Modifiers

Impact Modifiers increases the durability of moulded or extruded plastics, especially those need to be constantly subjected to impact forces like cold weather. They provide strength and break resistance to the product for which they are added. They also provide rigidity to the product to prevent it from wrapping or sagging during everyday use. Impact Modifiers also provide various properties to the product like optical and tensile strength, weather ability, process ability, flammability, and heat distortion. Impact Modifiers are elastomeric or rubbery in nature which is why they can absorb the energy of an impact or dissipate it. 

The major applications of Impact Modifiers are for packaging, construction, automotive, and consumer goods. Manufacture of PVC profiles, pipes and fittings, films, sidings, fences, decks, injection moulding applications, sheets, bottles, pharmaceutical blister packs and sporting goods need Impact Modifiers for production.

Chemyork can help you to reach highly efficient impact modifiers to improve the performance and durability of your products and achieve your production goals.