Metal Soaps


Metallic soaps are an essential additive in stabiliser onepacks. Metallic soaps are compounds of long-chain fatty acids in general they are also a type of salts. In the most cases these additives are binding the Hydrochloric acid (HCIJ to itself. Main representatives of metallic soaps are Aluminium. Barium. Calcium. Lead. Magnesium or Zinc soaps of Stearic. Laurie. Octanoic or Benzoic Acid. 

Metal soaps are made from natural fats and oils, combined with a metal oxide. They are also called metallic stearates and they have many uses, such as stabilizers, lubricants, and release agents.
Metal soaps can enhance production processes, and enable manufacturers to develop products with smooth surfaces and low friction. Metal soaps are used in many fields like plastics industry, building industry, paint / finish industry, grease industry, rubber industry, paper industry, metal industry, stationery and modeling clay.
In the plastics industry, metal soaps are used in the manufacture of PVC products, and during the processing of numerous plastics, including polyamide, polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS and fiber-reinforced plastics (SMC, BMC). They are used as co-stabilizers and internal/external lubricants in PVC formulations. Metallic soaps can be used in PVC formulations either individually or in synergistic combinations (Ca/Zn, Ba/Zn, etc.).

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