A pigment is a colored substance that is added to materials to give it a specific color or hue. In the context of plastics, pigments are often added to provide color and enhance the aesthetic appeal of plastic products.

Pigments are derived from natural sources, such as minerals and plant extracts, or can be synthesized chemically. The majority of inorganic pigments are brighter and last longer than organic ones.

Pigments can have different effects on the physical and mechanical properties of plastics, such as tensile strength, elongation, and impact resistance. In general, the addition of pigment to plastic can decrease its overall mechanical properties due to the added weight and reduced transparency of the plastic. However, pigments can also improve the performance of plastics by adding UV stability, reducing oxidation, and enhancing chemical resistance. In addition to providing color, pigments can also be used to create special effects such as metallic or pearlescent finishes. Overall, the use of pigments in plastics is important for creating products that are visually appealing, but it must be done carefully to ensure that the desired physical and mechanical properties are not compromised.

Different products have different pigment requirements. Chemyork offers a wide range of pigments to cater to your specific needs. Whether cost-efficient options or supreme quality pigments, we have you covered.


Chemyork ChemPa 105 Titanium Dioxide for PVC profiles
Chemyork ChemPa 106 Titanium Dioxide for coating  
Jinhai  R6618 Titanium Dioxide for general pupose 
Jinhai  R6628 Titanium Dioxide for general pupose 
Jinhai  R6638 Titanium Dioxide for paper
Jinhai  R6658 Titanium Dioxide for plastic and color masterbatch  
Jinhai  R6668 Titanium Dioxide for pringting ink 
Yangshen YSR-927 Titanium Dioxide for paint
Yangshen YSR-928 Titanium Dioxide for hard plastic
Yangshen YSR-929 Titanium Dioxide for soft plastic 
Tronox TiONA® 121 Titanium Dioxide for general pupose 
Ti-Pure Ti-Pure™ R-101 Titanium Dioxide for coating films, paper and masterbatch 
Ti-Pure Ti-Pure™ R-105 Titanium Dioxide for outdoor plastic applications
Kronos  KRONOS 2160 Titanium Dioxide for PVC profiles
Venator TIOXIDE® TR42 Titanium Dioxide for PVC profile and doors