Plasticizers are colorless and odorless esters. They are low-volatility liquid or solid substance that's added to a raw polymer to improve its flexibility, make it easier to shape and mold, and reduce friction on its surface.

Around 90 % of all plasticizers are used in the production of flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC). One of the main benefits of plasticizers is the durability they confer onto PVC applications, which can ensure high performances for up to 50 years. Without plasticizers, PVC can only be rigid, such as the PVC used in wastewater pipes.

The main applications for flexible PVC include flooring and wall coverings, roofing membranes, electrical cable and wire insulation, automotive applications, medical devices, synthetic leather goods, and so forth. Some plasticizers can also be used in rubber products, paints, printing inks, adhesives, and sealants for professional use. The use of plasticizers in all applications is strictly regulated.

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